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Christophe Montagnon
Director of Organisation, Information Systems and Quality Randstad Group France

Christophe Montagnon, agronomist, began his career in 1985 by taking over the family farm. In 1992 he joined a subsidiary of the Auchan group as assistant director of a restaurant. In 1996, Randstad recruited him to run two agencies in the Loire. Shortly afterwards, he managed the merger of LTI-Bourgogne into the Randstad Group and then became district manager for Burgundy and the Rhône-Alpes region.

In 2003, he created and developed expert centres that grouped consultants according to their professional specialisms. In 2009, after the merger with VediorBis, he was appointed Director of Organisation, with the main mission to provide the new entity with the concepts that led to Randstad's success: the role of the consultant and the expert centres in particular.

Since 2011, Christophe Montagnon has been Director of Organisation, Information Systems and Group Quality. He is also in charge of Yacht, a subsidiary specialising in the technology service

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