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Jean Charles Simon
Managing Director, Simon Associes

Jean-Charles SIMON, Lawyer and Managing Partner of SIMON Associés, has been developing legal and litigation expertise for 30 years. His expertise is well recognized in M&A, litigation, and especially in the accompaniment or acquisition of ailing companies.

For several years, Jean-Charles SIMON has been working with the international department of the firm to assist French and international companies in their development and relations abroad. The firm relies on leading local firms in the 31 countries (www.simoninternational.org).


In China, Jean-Charles SIMON has developed his know-how with a dedicated team of several associates all with multilingual and multicultural competences. He often travels between the two countries. The firm developed the YINGKE SIMON Chinese Center in Paris and Beijing and has an office at YINGKE LAWYERS Building in Beijing. Jean-Charles SIMON advises French companies as well as Chinese companies focused on Europe, France, Africa or other regions of the world where the firm has networks.

Jean-Charles SIMON organizes or participates in numerous professional events and is the author of many articles and interviews.

He is a member of various professional associations or in connection with their international activities.

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