Sandra Särav

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Deputy Secretary General for Business and Consumer Environment; Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Sandra Särav is the Deputy Secretary General for Business and Consumer Environment at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Her team is divided to five different fields with a common goal of making life more efficient for entrepreneurs. She was promoted to this role from Data Policy Director in the Estonian Government CIO Office, where she led the work on data re-use as well as application of privacy enhancing technologies. She's been back at the Estonian government a year, but it's not her first time there - she just made a 3-year detour to private sector, gaining experience both at the Estonian tech unicorn Bolt, as well as Meta (Facebook), but decided to rejoin the public sector in early 2022. What brought her back to government was the sense of mission of building solutions for your own country. In parallel, she’s also a lecturer at TalTech, teaching legal framework of digital government and EU law.

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