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24 September

Digitising an increasingly competitive industry

Posted by:Robert Plana

Having been a nuclear industry player for over 50 years, we believe the industry’s future depends on its ability to fully embrace digital solutions in order to optimise costs and guarantee lead times.

The complexity of today’s nuclear projects makes digital solutions essential for keeping deadlines, while respecting all of the safety and regulatory requirements. As a result, we explore the importance and benefits of Digital Asset Management in the nuclear industry.


14 August

Disrupt or die? Start with the fundamentals

Posted by:Thomas Honore

Your digital strategy must be driven by a clear understanding of the customer’s needs and the way your products relate to them. Digital transformation doesn’t require a radical rethink of a business model that previously brought success – it simply means leveraging better, more efficient technologies to meet and exceed customer expectations and allow data to shape strategic priorities. Thomas Honoré, CEO of Columbus explains how vital peer insight from early adopters can help manufacturers embrace disruption and stay ahead of the competition.


16 May

The customer must be at the centre of the digital strategy

Posted by:Colin Masson

Break down internal barriers to deliver highly tailored products and services

It’s easy to get obsessed with technology – it is the key enabler of today’s revolution – but the harder part of the transformation is cultural.

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