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RAID Autumn Agenda will be published shortly

Wednesday 4th May, 2022

Beijing Time Paris Time Eastern Time ACTIVITY
2:00PM 8:00AM 2:00AM Networking
2:30PM 8:30AM 2:30AM Opening Addresses
3:00PM 9:00AM 3:00AM Panel 1: Global Perspectives on Creating Balance in a Precarious World
Suggested discussion points:
  • Regional variations: how do US, China and Europe’s approaches to tech regulation compare and contrast?
  • Could the need for international tech regulation pave the way for global governance?
  • Is tech’s power and reach a threat to the nation state?
  • How can compatible, international standards in digital trade be developed?
  • Data diplomacy: reimagining the world’s data structures
4:00PM 10:00AM 4:00AM Networking Break
4:15PM 10:15AM 4:15AM

Panel 2: The Internet of the Future
Suggested discussion points:

  • What is the metaverse and what will the internet of the future look like?
  • From a privacy point of view, what are the major considerations?
  • Are the current regulations apt for the new types of data that will form the fabric of the metaverse?
  • What are the current regulations and their gaps when it comes to the metaverse?
  • What are the economic opportunities in the metaverse, and why does it matter?
  • How can the internet of the future foster equity and inclusion?
  • Are there any significant differences between AR and VR technology that would need to be taken into account from a regulatory perspective in the metaverse?
5:15PM 11:15AM 5:15AM Networking Break
5:30PM 11:30AM 5:30AM

Panel 3: Artificial Intelligence in Action
Suggested discussion points:

  • What should good AI regulation look like in principle?
  • To what extent should AI uphold democracy, efficiency, fundamental rights and the rule of law?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of applied AI?
  • How do the EU’s AI Act and other regulations interplay to assure the responsible application of AI systems?AI oversight and governance – who or what should be accountable? How can liability be captured, considering the complexity of the AI ecosystem and the multiple actors involved?
  • How do sandboxes contribute to innovation and AI development?
6:30PM 12:30PM 6:30AM Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast/Networking Break
7:45PM 13:45PM 7:45AM

Panel 4: How to Ensure Trust in Digital Technology 
Suggested discussion points:

  • The EU’s Digital Services Act, the UK’s Online Safety Bill and beyond – how regulators are putting customers first
  • Co-design: how incorporating users' views in tech design can create more consumer-friendly tech
  • How can algorithmic decision systems be trusted and ethical?
  • Balancing privacy rights and surveillance analytics
  • Should we allow law enforcement have access to encrypted schemes?
8:45PM 2:45PM 8:45AM

Keynote Address

9:00PM 3:00PM 9:00AM

Panel 5: Managing Tech’s Bigness
Suggested discussion points:

  • The EU’s Digital Markets Act, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and China’s Anti-Monopoly Law – different fronts on the same war?
  • Can competition be measured on price alone, or should regulators take a broader view of customer value?
  • The growing importance of ex ante legislation and impact assessments
  • Enabling growth: market-based approaches to rebalancing the tech sector
  • How might data portability and interoperability be promoted to boost competition?
10:00PM 4:00PM 10:00AM Networking Break
10:15PM 4:15PM 10:15AM Panel 6: Digital Assets – Liability or Opportunity?
Suggested discussion points:
  • Is global coordination on crypto regulation possible?
  • What risks do digital assets pose to financial institutions?
  • What are the concerns around the race to launch digital currencies?
  • How should investors and institutions be allowed to interact with digital assets?
  • How serious is the risk of cryptoization in emerging markets?
  • How should NFT and Digital Autonomous Organisations be regulated?
11:15PM 5:15PM 11:15AM Networking Break
11:30PM 5:30PM 11:30AM

Panel 7: Digital Sovereignty, Diplomacy, Trade and Development
Suggested discussion points:

  • How can different regions take control of their digital destiny while maintaining good international relations?
  • What are the key barriers to international digital trade and how are these being overcome?
  • How governments and technology providers can use data for the good of humanity
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion: how can regulation help?
  • How can development agencies and tech companies work in partnership?
  • The role of RAID in sustainable development
  • Technology regulation and the global South
12:30PM 6:30PM 12:30AM Conference Close

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