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Wednesday 3rd May, 2023

Beijing Time Paris Time Eastern Time ACTIVITY
3:20PM 9:20AM 3:20AM Organiser’s Welcome:
Matthew Astill, CEO, Cavendish Group
Welcome Addresses

Commissioner Didier Reynders, Justice Commissioner, European Commission
Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister of Digital Transition and Telecommunications, France
Gabriela Ramos, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO
3:50PM 09:50AM 3:50AM

Panel 1: Shoulder to Shoulder: Tackling Global Challenges Together
Is the world fracturing into regulatory zones? Are regulations growing apart, together or in parallel? What are the main points of intersection and divergence between the big pieces of legislation underway in Europe, America and Asia? What role do corporates have in driving positive change?

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister, Honorary Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Fondation Prospective and Innovation
Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitization, Spain
Pasquale Stanzione, President, Garante – the Italian Data Protection Authority
Wonki Min, Former Ambassador for Science, Technology & Innovation, Soongsil University
Moderator: Karine Caunes, Global Program Director, Center for AI and Digital Policy

4:50PM 10:50AM 4:50PM Networking Break
5:05PM 11:05AM 5:05AM

Panel 2: Artificial Intelligence and Real Applications
Are incoming AI regulations up to speed with the rapid adoption of AI around the world?
What impact will generative AI have on work and what role are regulators and legislators around the world playing? What pre-contractual duties need to be considered in an AI environment?

Irina Orssich, Head of Sector AI Policy at DG Connect, European Commission
Marc Lemmer, Commissioner, CNPD (National Data Protection Commission) - Luxembourg
Jens-Henrik Jeppesen, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs - EMEA & APJ, Workday
Joanna Conway, Partner & Internet Regulation (Legal), Deloitte
Kai Zenner, Head of Office and Digital Policy Adviser for MEP Axel Voss, European Parliament
Moderator: Boniface de Champris, Policy Manager, Computer & Communications Industry Association  

6:05PM 12:05AM 3:05AM Keynote Address:
Waldemar Gonçalves Ortunho, Chief Executive, National Data Protection Authority, Brazil
6:20PM 12:20AM 6:20AM

Panel 3: Navigating Trust and Risk
How are the Digital Services Act, China’s Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising and initiatives in the US tackling issues of consumer trust? How can risk-based approaches help foster trust, from AI to platform regulation? What are the risks of insufficient appeals systems within platforms? What provisions are being made for out-of-court settlements in the DSA and what does this mean for corporations?

Sandra Särav, Deputy Secretary General for Business and Consumer Environment, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Republic of Estonia
Brando Benifei, Member and Artificial Intelligence Act co-rapporteur, European Parliament
Monika Adamczyk, Cybersecurity Expert, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)
Christiane Wendehorst, Scientific Director, European Law Institute
Mark Cankett, Regulatory Assurance Partner, Deloitte
Moderator: Aakash Guglani, Senior Policy Associate, Digital India Foundation

7:20PM 1:20PM 7:20AM Networking Break
7:50PM 1:50PM 7:50AM

Panel 4: Bridging Barriers Between Competition and Innovation
Are there barriers between competition and innovation, or can they support each other? How can competition authorities be equally fair to business and consumers? What are the commonalities and differences in approach to antitrust in different jurisdictions? Can we put global challenges ahead of domestic concerns to foster digital markets worldwide? Who should decide on antitrust cases? And what role should data considerations play in competition decisions?

Sophie Ahlswede, Policy Officer DMA Taskforce, DG COMP, European Commission
Felicity Algate, Director, Digital Markets Unit, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) – UK
Pedro Hinojo, Head of Information Society Services, Competition Division, National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), Spain
Anaïs Bauduin, Assistant Director, Economic Advisory – Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Deloitte
Dr Ning Wang, Senior Research Fellow in Data Science, University of Oxford
Moderator: Dr Nicholas Gervassis, Assistant Professor in Law (Technology and Data), University of Nottingham

8:50PM 2:50PM 8:50AM

Networking Break

9:05PM 3:05PM 9:05AM

Panel 5: The Perils and Potential of Digital Currencies
How are central bank issued currencies and their regulatory frameworks developing, as compared to privately issued stablecoins? How can users be protected in an unchartered environment? What are the arguments for decentralisation?

Denis Beau, Deputy Governor, Banque de France
Kilvar Kessler, Chairman of the Board, Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority
Girts Berzins, Head of Digital Strategy, Group Channels and Technologies, Swedbank AB
Kristin Johnson, Commissioner, Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Hamish Thomas, Partner, DC Industry Solutions, Deloitte
Moderator: Prof. Ulrich Bindseil, Director General of Market Infrastructures and Payments Directorate General, European Central Bank (ECB)

10:05PM 4:05PM 10:05AM Keynote Address
10:35PM 4:35PM 10:35AM

Panel 6: Personalization and Fairness in the Modern Data Ecosystem
What does personalization mean to individual users? Benefits and challenges of personalization from the user's perspective. How does the concept of fairness (free of bias, safety, and dignity) manifest in personalized digital experience? How does the GDPR programme help ensure fairness? What is the link between personalized services and user agency?

Cian O'Brien, Deputy Commissioner, Data Protection Commission - Ireland
Cecilia Álvarez, Director of Privacy Policy Engagement, EMEA, Meta
Michelle Seng Ah Lee, Senior Manager, Risk Analytics, AI & Data Science, Deloitte
Giovanni De Gregorio, PLMJ Chair in Law and Technology, Católica Global School of Law
Moderator: Ben Avison, Editorial & Conference Director, Cavendish Group

11:25PM 5:25PM 11:25AM Networking Break
11:40PM 5:40PM 11:40AM

Panel 7: Bridging Privacy, Security and Borders
How are data and privacy laws evolving around the world? How can we bridge data divides to enable safe transfer of data across borders, at a time of geopolitical tension?

Bojana Bellamy, President, Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL)
Alison Tilley, Commissioner, South African Information Regulator (SAIR)
Katherine Harman-Stokes, Acting Director, Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties, US Department of Justice
Nele Nisu, Data Re-use Programme Manager, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Sam Roberts, Head of Strategy, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, UK Government
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Mira Burri, Professor of International Economic and Internet Law, University of Lucerne

12:40AM 6:40PM 12:40AM Closing Remarks
Emmanuelle Pérès, CEO, Fondation Prospective et Innovation in conversation with Ben Avison, Editorial & Conference Director, Cavendish Group


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