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Wednesday 10th October, 2022

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2:14PM 8:15AM 11:15PM Event Platform open
3:00PM 9:00AM 12:00AM Panel 1: How can tech policy support global growth and avoid protectionism? Is digital trade driving Globalization 4.0? How can regulations be shaped so they are aligned, both domestically and internationally, to enable the safe flow of data across borders? Are governments doing all they can to create level playing fields for technology and its users?
3:50PM 9:50AM 12:50PM Keynote Address
Didier Reynders, Justice Commissioner, European Commission
4:05PM 10:05AM 1:05AM

Panel 2: Developing Trust in a Changing Internet – Who should take responsibility for online content: states, companies or consumers? How should we prepare for the metaverse and Web3?

4:55PM 10:55AM 1:55AM Presentation
5:10PM 11:10AM 2:10AM

Panel 3: Creating Equitable Digital Markets – how can we promote healthy competition and fairer digital economies? Should tech companies reveal their algorithms, and in what circumstances? How can we create common standards for competing services?

6:10PM 12:10PM 3:10AM Networking Break
7:00PM 1:00PM 4:00AM

Panel 4: Changing Data Regulatory Environments – How can data regulation evolve to improve access, fairness and certainty while stimulating competitive markets? What are the challenges and opportunities of interoperability? What are the concerns around data sharing for public and private sector organisations?

7:50PM 1:50PM 4:50AM

Keynote Address

8:05PM 2:05PM 5:05AM

Panel 5: Thinking Outside the Sandbox – How effective are sandboxes at creating innovative and responsible AI products and shaping policy and regulation? What is the role of sandboxes in the AI Act? What are the alternatives to sandboxes for regulating algorithms? How can new products and services use personal data in innovative and safe ways?

8:55PM 2:55PM 5:55AM Fireside Chat
9:10PM 3:10PM 6:10AM Panel 6: Can Regulation Save (Crypto) Currencies? – as cryptocurrencies crash and inflation rises, how can policymakers and regulators create stability? What role will blockchain play in traditional and crypto assets in the future? How can we promote multilateral cooperation in the financial sector?
10:00PM 4:00PM 7:00AM Networking Break
11:00PM 5:00PM 8:00AM

Panel 7: The Race to the Top: Raising Standards in Regulation and Innovation – How are policymakers and platforms developing good standards and ecosystems for a healthy technology sector – through competition or cooperation? How can innovation ecosystems and policies be developed internationally, including the global South? How can different jurisdictions and sectors work together to find the best balance between regulation and innovation? How can regulators enable, and keep pace with, innovation? And how can tech companies keep up with new transparency and reporting obligations?

11:50AM 5:50PM 8:50AM Keynote Address
12:05AM 6:05PM 9:05AM Panel 8: Digital Safeguarding for All – how companies and regulations, from the Online Safety Bill and the Kids Online Safety Act and beyond, are making online space safer. And how can different jurisdictions balance the need for data flows with security concerns?
12:55AM 6:66PM 9:55AM Fireside Chat
1:10AM 7:10PM 10:10AM Panel 9: Come Together: Regulatory Convergence – How can regulations be designed to be scalable, harmonised and tech-enabled? What are the most important areas of policy convergence? How can different jurisdictions work together?
2:00AM 8:00PM 11:00AM Closing Remarks

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