Innovate, Regulate and Implement
with Courage and Caution

Who attends RAID?

RAID 2023 Audience

Policy Makers and Regulators: Government officials, legislators, and regulatory bodies involved in crafting and enforcing policies related to AI, the internet, and data privacy.

Legal Professionals: Lawyers and legal experts specializing in technology law, data protection, and AI ethics.

Industry Leaders: Executives, managers, and professionals from tech companies and startups who are directly impacted by regulations and are involved in compliance and strategy.

Ethicists and Social Scientists: Professionals focused on the ethical and societal implications of AI and data technologies.

Technology Developers: Engineers, data scientists, and AI developers interested in understanding regulatory landscapes and compliance requirements.

Advocacy Groups and NGOs: Representatives from organizations advocating for consumer rights, data privacy, and ethical AI practices.

RAID Conference Attendees

A sample selection of organisations who attend RAID conferences



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