Emoke Peter

Head of European Public and Regulatory Affairs, Worldline

Emőke Péter is Worldline’s Head of European Public & Regulatory Affairs, having joined the company in 2022. Her work has been heavily centered around creating an enabling policy environment for the digitalization of payments that benefit European society, advocating for the modernizing and harmonizing EU legislation, and ensuring a regulatory-level playing field that encompasses the payments sector’s diversity, with the emphasis on creating equal access for all PSPs to access the necessary infrastructures. She is a member of the European Commission’s Payment Systems Market Expert Group (PSMEG), advising the Commission in the area of payments and supporting the preparation of legislative and policy initiatives on behalf of EDPIA, the European Digital Payments Industry Alliance.

Prior to that, she served in the Juncker Commission, where she worked on justice and fundamental rights. Ahead of the 2019 EU elections, she joined the EU election coordination team to prepare member states for the election, and she continued working on one of the headline priorities of the Von der Leyen Commission “A new push for European democracy” following the elections. Her responsibilities included contributing to policy proposals for preserving free and fair elections, creating greater transparency in online political advertisements, combating disinformation, and investigating the impact of AI and new technologies on democratic participation.