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10 May

Lawmakers and technologists strive for equilibrium at RAID (Regulation of Artificial intelligence, Internet and Data)

Posted by:Ben Avison

At RAID (Regulation of Artificial intelligence, Internet and Data) Digital on 4th May 2022, legislators, regulators and technology industry experts resolved to “create balance in a precarious world”.

40 speakers joined from the European Commission, European Parliament, UNESCO, national governments including the US, Canada, Germany and India, regulators and central banks, Meta, Deloitte and investors.

13 April

A bird’s eye view of privacy

Posted by:Anonymous (not verified)

Prof. Mette Birkedal Bruun, Director of the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre for Privacy Studies shares her expectations of RAID Digital, and how history can help with today’s challenges


How do you see the research in historical privacy concerning present-day privacy policy?

While history may not hold direct lessons for the present, historical research may help us to see how our perception of privacy and the boundaries we construct around it are embedded in contexts that are defined by a wide and complex array of factors.

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