Magali Durieux

Head of Digital Transformation, Belgian Competition Authority

Today: Head of Digital Transformation ( Belgian Competition Authority )

  • Strategic project Coordinator  (FPS Economy )
  • HR & ICT Change Manager ( National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance)
  • Program & ICT Account Manager ( Chancellerie du Premier Ministre )
  • ICT Manager  (Federal Agency for Medicines products)
  • E-HR Manager (FPS Public Health)
  • HR recruitment (SELOR, Unique Interim)

Today : ChairWoman (CEO) Felink


Study :

14.15 - 15.00

Tuesday RAID Virtual 2024

Panel 5: Driving digital transformation fairly and responsibly

  • Which industries are changing the fastest now, and what does this mean for business, government and society?
  • What are regulators doing to ensure the benefits of digital transformation are widely felt?
  • What can policymakers can do to boost competitiveness while upholding trust, transparency and accountability?