Natascha Gerlach

Director of Privacy Policy, Center of information Policy Leadership (CIPL)

Natascha Gerlach holds the position of Director of Privacy Policy for the Center of information Policy Leadership (CIPL) in Brussels. Her work is focused on a range of privacy and data related topics including cross-border data flows, AI, data ethics and data governance. Before joining CIPL, Natascha was a Senior Attorney with Cleary Gottlieb in their Brussels office, where she headed Cleary’s European eDiscovery group leveraging her experience in US eDiscovery by implementing new technologies and operationalizing the team. Natascha was also a senior member of Cleary’s Data Privacy group and advised clients on a wide array of data privacy issues, with a special focus on the cross section of international discovery and data protection. Natascha is Chair Emerita of The Sedona Conference Working Group 6 on International Electronic Information Management, Discovery and Disclosure (WG6) Steering Committee. She is on the advisory board for the Georgetown Law AEDI and has been on the ABA CBI Steering Committee since its inception in 2017. Natascha publishes regularly on data protection topics and is a frequent speaker at relevant conferences.

11.45 - 12.30

Tuesday RAID Virtual 2024

Panel 3: Rethinking Data Protection

  • Cultural Perspectives on Privacy: Understanding how attitudes toward personal privacy vary across cultures.
  • Global Consensus on Data Access: Exploring common ground on when governments and law enforcement access personal data.
  • Addressing Security Concerns: The impact of international data flows on security and proposing mitigating strategies.
  • Assessing GDPR's Ongoing Relevance: Evaluating the effectiveness of GDPR and responses of global data protection regulations.
  • Navigating Tech Legislation: Understanding the impact of DSA, AI Act, and other regulations on data protection.
  • Evolution of DPAs: Exploring the changing role of Data Protection Authorities in the current regulatory landscape